Monday, September 22, 2008

Lake Mead with Andrew & Nicki

Jen, my sister, was so nice to take us out on her boat Friday. We had a total blast! I think it was both Andrew and Nicki's first time on Lake Mead...but hopefully not the last!

Being September, it was absolutely beautiful, the water was warm and the weather was gorgeous.

The lake was as smooth as glass! We beached and ate lunch before heading out!

Tubing is our favorite thing to do when we get out on the lake. There's something to gliding across the lake on a tube as the boat whips us from side to side...its SO FUN! Thanks Jen, we ALL had a great time.

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Allred Family said...

I LOVE Lake Mead!!!!!! I miss going there. the weather looks GREAT so Sunny and Warm......It's getting chilly here already!!!!!! Glad you are enjoying the GREAT weather and the FUN LAKE :)