Thursday, September 11, 2008

100th Post!!

Its only been a few short months since the birth of the Perry Blog, and we've reached 100 posts!!! So, here are 100 things I am grateful for:

1. I am grateful for wouldn't nearly be as fun, fulfilled, or worthwhile without him. Life without eachother would be like seeing in black and white...totally monotonous and boring. Thanks babe for lighting up everything!

2. Bryanna, grateful for our firstborn, she is larger than constantly making us smile, laugh, pause to step back and really enjoy what we have. I was laying Bryanna down for bed the other night. I was tickling her back and she turned over and said, "Mom, you're my best friend." At that very moment, the world stopped, my heart swelled and I replied, "Bryanna, you are my best friend, too." I could feel the love in the room so thick that night. Thanks for being my best friend, Bryanna!]

3. Maddox, second born, and the biggest personality packed into his tiny body. He makes a few of our friends want to have another baby. We left the kids at the church for Ward Temple Night with another couple so we could attend, and when we came back to get him, the husband was asking his wife if they could try for another baby, although they already have three school-aged kids. Maddox just kept going to him, wanting to be held, and I'm sure got his way with how he looks at you with his puppy eyes...she said they had already "fixed" that problem! But that's the effect this kid has on people...he is so fun, easy and just like chocolate...irresistable!

4. I'm so grateful for my parents. They have always been there for us, through everything. When something good happens, we can't wait to call them and tell them about it. When something bad happens, they are the first to help us along. They adore Bryanna and Maddox to pieces.

5. I'm so grateful for my in-laws. What a wonderful family Mark has. Grandpa and Nonna are crazy about their grandkids and love them so much. Visits are precious times and the kids eat up every minute with them.

6. Our dog, Putter...he's so fun-loving and sweet. I love how he climbs on my lap and just wants to hang-out there.

7. All our family, for with them, we feel of the Lord's love so much more.

8. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I think the same question is asked by many in our faith, "Where would I be without the Church?" Only Heaven knows. Church attendance and those weekly lessons reminds, strengthens, encourages service to those in need and promotes righteous thoughts and deeds. There is emphasis on family first and cherishing those relationships. I love the church.

9. I'm grateful for my mission, for during that sacrifice, my testimony grew, my capacities widened, and my love and understanding of God multiplied. I would not be the same person today with out those 18 months wearing the name of Christ on my chest, and serving the people of Japan.

10. And the exact same goes for Mark and his mission...he is more defined in the gospel for his service in Baltimore.

11. The Savior, his infinite atonement, the healing all receive when we are able to repent and forgive and partake of the love and mercy He offers us.

12. Our home, the shelter is provides, the warmth and love between the walls, but most importantly, the people living there...they are my life!

13. Modern medicine, and all the miracles and lifesaving feats that come from it.

14. Music, all kinds...the inspiration it offers...Religous kind, for the spirit I feel. Up-beat kind, for the energy my soul feels. Romantic kind, for the flitters my heart feels.

15. Air conditioning, so I can survive the hot summers in the desert!

16. Automobiles, the luxury it is today, even if gas is expensive, I'm still grateful for my four wheels!

17. Grocery stores, so I don't have to farm all of my of own to grocery shop!

18. Education, learning has always been something I've enjoyed.

19. Health, more aware of it when I'm sick!

20. Scriptures, reading the word of God and His eternal truths, just reading helps me make personal leaps and bounds.

21. The elements; earth beneath my feet, wind rustling my hair, water dripping from the sky, and fire crackling in the pit. Heaven is more near when I pause to take in the earth's beauty.

22. Modern plumbing, I'm so glad I don't have to walk to an outhouse to pee in the middle of the night, or for that matter, any time of day! :)

23. The internet and all it encompasses...connections with those far away, esp. email and blogging...glad I can send a note to someone without having to put a postal stamp on it. I can't remember the last time I bought stamps.

24. Online Bill-pay and e-statements...reduces paper, and the stress of making the payments go out on time!

25. Cell phones...makes me seem so much more efficient. Contact Mark in a moment, and vice versa.

26. Debit and credit cards...I never carry cash...plastic is all I ever use!

27. Wii...wii have lots of fun playing it!

28. A landscaped backyard, its great enjoying the yard, sitting out there or playing with the kids.

29. Bryanna's funny sayings...lately she's been calling the "wicked witch" the "naked witch" ...guess they sound alike?

30. My comfy and restful it is, and the person who I get to wake up next to.

31. Friends, their examples, kindnesses, what would I do with out these wonderful people in my life?

32. Grandparents, wisdom and advice that only comes through age, but is priceless.

33. Cameras to capture life's moments, especially childhood, the years that go too quickly.

34. My laundry room, how wonderful it is to throw something in the wash, dry it, and it's fresh again, smelling sweet and beautiful. I love clean clothes.

35. Tennis, my sanity, my outlet, my fun!

36. Good Resturants, that keep me coming back time and time again.

37. Date nights, so I can feel like a girlfriend all over again.

38. Toys that keep my children busy for hours.

39. Movie nights and popcorn...need I say more?

40. Hot showers, the pick-me-up part of my day, rejuvenate and refresh, ready to take on the tasks at hand.

41. Preschool for that two hours she learning and growing.

42. Nap time...there's something to a quiet, peaceful time of day, where everyone can take a break.

43. Blogging...a place where friendship exists, connected together online, but separated by thousands of miles.

44. Self-help books. I've always been a fan, trying to improve myself, learning from others who know what they are talking about helps me find a new prespective on life.

45. The dinner table, where we can fill our tummies, and feel of each other's love.

46. Vacations of all sorts; family trips to the beach, the cabin, to Disnelyland, weekend get-a-ways and cruising with Mark, they all refill the well.

47. Swimming Pools, the fun and play and energy we can expend in them, it just makes me feel less lazy during the summertime. If I can make it to the pool with both kids and have fun, anything is possible:)

48. Eternal families, how could I not live forever with out these magnificent souls who I brought into the world? Or without Mark, who is the other half that makes us whole?

49. protect my eyes from all sorts of nasty UV rays!

50. Our trampoline, the kids can have fun and get their exercise.

51. Parks, where kids can run wild til they can't go any longer.

52. Carnivals...magical and adventurous.

53. The gym, another form of sanity for me.

54. Computers, without them, the world wouldn't be turning quite the same way.

55. Aroma candles, I love the scent they bring into my home, of all atmospheres, nothing can bring it all together quite like a delicious candle.

56. The piano, an instrument that comes to life.

57. Leather couches, they hold up well and don't look torn apart, yet.

58. Bread; homemade, store bought, fresh from the bakery...there's nothing like a scrumptious slice of bread in the morning, or night.

59. Waterfalls, big or small, but especially the ones surrounding my home, and the serenity the drops of water can emulate.

60. Dried flowers, the memories they bring.

61. Kirkland's and all the goodies I come home with.

62. Cordless phones...I can walk up and down the stairs on the same phone while talking!

63. Clocks, to help me tell time and remind me that that is a precious thing in my life.

64. Cereal, makes breakfast time guilt-free and easy...something the whole family loves.

65. Blow dryers...makes doing hair so easy. I will have to find and thank the inventor...even if it's not til I get to heaven!!

66. Church service and callings, one of the only ways I feel I can give back to the Lord, because I have been given much...

67. Strollers, I just couldn't do everything holding my children when I'm out and about, [plus they aren't feather weights!]

68. Babysitters, freedom to go do something by myself, or with Mark, just the two of us!

69. Marks hard work everyday, his efforts are the size of Mt. Everest!

70. Sisters, the fun we have just being ourselves, together.

71. Lake outings...a fun escape from Vegas, but close enough to go often.

72. BBQ's, their's nothing better than eating with your fingers and licking them too!

73. Homemade cookies, straight from the oven.

74. Learning to quilt...still not good, but grateful for a patient teacher!

75. Disposable diapers...although if I had to, I would use clothe diapers. I just like the idea of only handling a poopy diaper once, then throwing it out!

76. Bath time, the kids love it and it helps them calm down for bed.

77. The scent of freshly bathed children, there is nothing better than a clean, ready for bed baby!

78. Doing crafts with Bryanna, she loves to create whatever I place in front of her.

79. Baking and cooking with Bryanna, again, enjoys it almost as much as me :)

80. Daddy grateful for the time Mark takes to spend with the kids and gives me a break!

81. Getting my car washed...although it does not happen as often as it should!

82. A clean house...

83. A clean house...yes, I put it twice...because I am really grateful for a clean house!

84. Toothbrushes and that clean feeling after I brush!

85. Listerine...tops off the dental hygiene routine for me...I love the burn!

86. Flossing...can't be more grateful for a spick-n-span clean mouth!!

87. Our flower garden, and how it helps teach Bryanna to take care of them too!

88. Getting a pedicure...just thinking about it makes me smile!

89. All the modern luxuries...electricity, running water, gas lines, television, cable...

90. Make-up, although I don't wear it everyday, it helps!

91. Paper towels, helps clean up those everyday spills.

92. Toilet paper...enough said.

93. Sam's club, where I can buy all those paper goods, and then some, for cheaper!

94. "To do" lists...I'm a list maker and I admit it, but I'm grateful for them, other wise I'd forget everything!

95. Fruits and vegis...delicious snacks that make mouth happy!

96. Hot fudge brownie could I forget this tasty indulgence?

97. Calendars, takes the place of a daily planner and keeps track of all the craziness...

98. Attorneys...they do the things I don't know how to do...legally!

99. me so much strength and helps me try and figure life out.

100. Creme bruilee... oh my goodness...its been way too long since I've had some! Any one know any good recipes for it?


Shannon said...

Holy moly, lady!! What a great, long, post! :) I love creme bruilee too. My favorite is the kind you can buy at Linens & Things. The chocolate is my favorite.

Julianne said...

I crave Creme Bruilee like crazy....we used to buy it all the time at VONS! They are in the frozen desserts aisle and all you do is sprinkle the sugar on top and broil them for like 3 minutes!!! They are the bomb and they come in a reusable ceramic dish...yeah! I miss them! :(

Kaerlig said...

Wow. I read the whole thing. Did you mention cousins? :)

Chris & Lynette said...

How fun! It's nice to be reminded of all the great things in life- big and small. Happy 100th posting!

Baker Bunch said...

NICE! What a great idea for your 100th post!

BTW... I Love your new hair!

Allred Family said...

Wow 100 posts....I am only 2 posts awasy from 200!!!!!! I dont think I could come up with 200 things I am gratefull for. Maybe i should try :) I loved reading it, Such a GREAT idea!!!!!

Meghan Poort said...

Love this post. How great it is to write down everything you are grateful for. Totally changes your outlook on life when you realize just how much we all have!

Nater said...

I'm very impressed. I need to take time to really list 100 things I'm thankful for. We truelly have been blessed and life is good. What a great time to be alive.