Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark!!!

Some of my favorite things about MARK:

~He loves me so much and shows it in deed and thought (It's the best to be with someone who absolutely adores you... right back at you, babe!)

~He is such a great father to our kids, they idolize him!

~Mark works really hard for the family, and in turn I can be home with the kids, there is no other place I'd rather be! Thanks for all you do, everyday, you are my hero!

~He loves to talk about finances, and is always sharing information with me, he's so savvy that way, and I just love it!

~He has a built in navigation system...we've never been lost without Mark!

~Mark is very goal oriented, he knows what he wants and gets after it...hmmmm, sounds like our court-ship!

~Although he puts in a lot of hours during the day for work, he can come home and still do things around the house, and doesn't complain! (thanks honey...I love all your help at home :)

~Mark watches all kinds of sports on T.V., and therefore, so do we. Bryanna knows all the sports, and seems to prefer golf and tennis the most...LOL!

~Most of all, my favorite thing about Mark is how anchored in the gospel he is and his love for God. He has an amazing testimony and I just love it when he shares it with the kids and I!

Hope you have a great day, you old fart!! (I get to call him old because he's really younger than me...)


bitterfamily said...

Happy Birthday Mark!

Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday Mark!! What a great husband you have Stacy!!

Kaerlig said...

Robbing the cradle, eh Stace?

Marsden- Party of 4 said...

Happy Happy Birthday Mark!!!