Monday, September 22, 2008

Perry Family Reunion

Most of Mark's siblings and their families came into Vegas and we had a great time getting all back together and having fun. When the Perry's get together, there are good times to be had by all; cousins playing together while the adults are catching up with each others' lives. Here are his siblings (and spouses) in birth order:

Julie & James- Idaho
Stephanie & Dave- Idaho
Adam & Amy- California
Desdanie- Las Vegas
Seth Perry (October 1976- January 2008)
Beckie & Jared- Utah
Andrew & Nicki- Switzerland
Mark & Stacy- Vegas

Dan [Mark's dad] and his wife, Mae Bell had rounded us all up, and it was a miracle to get most of us together in the same town in the same weekend! With 7 other siblings living in different states its pretty hard to committ to a particular date. But 6 of the 8 Perry siblings came in to town this weekend. These reunions are such a great reminder of how amazing the Perry family really is!!

We had great food and great company!

The kids (and adults) were having a blast on the trampoline...doing all sorts of crazy tricks!

Wii all had a blast playing the wii...everyone was getting into it!

We got Mark's and Adam's favorite cakes and sang Happy Birthday to them.

Two great cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes and Freed's Bakery...YUM!

We headed to New York New York hotel to ride the roller coaster, but we decided not to go. Instead we had a blast playing in the arcade! Who would have thought an arcade would have entertained us all?

Goofy Grandpa on the "eletric chair"!! We love him and all the good laughs he gives us!

Mark's bros: Andrew and Adam...and nephew Seth with all the curly hair, yes one of the only males with hair in the family!

Then we headed down the street to eat at In-N-Out...we LOVE their burgers! Steph, I finally snuck a picture of you!
Seth set the trend for wearing the boat hats...too funny!

Amy and Andrew...waiting for our burgers...but it was worth the wait for sure!

Thanks everyone for coming down, we sure loved having you in our home. We love you and can't wait to get together again soon!


Kara said...

That's so nice that so many of Mark's family could come to town at the same time! I bet Mark really enjoyed that- and glad you did too.

whirlygig said...

Thanks for getting a good picture of Dave and Steph.

Kaerlig said...

Wow, so you have a lot of family on both sides! Family reunions are so great and important. Good job hosting everyone.

Kaerlig said...

Wow, so you have a lot of family on both sides! Family reunions are so great and important. Good job hosting everyone.

Danielle said...

That is so fun to have family come visit you!! It sounds like a blast! It is so nice to have a fun family that gets along!

Karissa said...

How fun! The next time Bishop Perry comes to town you have to let us know. Calvin would LOVE to see him!

You have an ADORABLE family - and a great extended family. :-)

Shannon said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! :)

Steph Brackett said...

I was looking at all the pictures and thinking "wow I love that girl, she did not get me in any pictures".....UNTIL I got to In-n-Out! You turkey. How did I not know you were snapping that one!

Christene said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had a blast. What a great reunion!