Friday, July 2, 2010

The Lake

Another summer, another fun time at the Lake!

Baby Cali's first time at Lake Mead...and definitely not the last!

Two thumbs up, on the weinie!

wow, SIX kids on that thing!

And the precious baby sister...sleeping like an angel, behaving like an angel. She is the angel in the family!

The boat driver....kinda crazy, but 100% fun!

I tried getting up on the wake board, but after three kids, just couldn't do it. Bummer. Big Bummer!

But Brooke, the 17 yr old got up...

Dallyn is the dude!

The Angel...being absolutely adorable!

Alex wake boarding, showing the thirty something how its done!

Good lookin' boat...with a good lookin' group!

Here come the swamp things...

Clay statues!

Jamie with the babe!

And the girls' boy friends!

It's a bird...its a plane....

No...its just a three yr old on that tube!

Flag duty!

Beating the heat...having lots of fun...what more could we ask for!!

Well, we could ask for a really crazy boat driver to whip us around on the tube behind the boat!

And whipped to the other side!

and to the other...

man, this is fun!

Summer babes with their pretty long legs!

Thanks Jen for a rockin' fun time!

It was a blast!

Now for some cliff jumping!

I can't help but put up some sweet pictures of the baby girl!

We've got some dare devils on our hands!!!

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Micah E. said...

There's really nothing more fun than a lake in a dessert.