Thursday, September 4, 2008

First day of Preschool and canning

She had her first day on Tuesday, and I'm slowly getting around to it. I just love this kid, she says the funniest things, and is learning SO MUCH!! It's almost not fair to watch her grow up so fast.

This is one of my favorites...her beautiful curly hair, totally UNTAMED! I don't brush her hair always first thing in the it's not easy coaxing her to come in and brush her hair...curls = tangles!! So its wild and fancy free...

Maddox is smiling the cheese again!! That smile of his just gets me!

When I was up in UT, we stopped and got lots of fruits and vegis from some local farms, I have my work cut out! I have lots of canning and jamming to do, of which I'm kind of excited for. I bought HUGE cases of tomatoes, peaches, raspberries and corn. So today I made salsa out of half the tomato case, and froze most of it.
We've been eating corn for dinner EVERY night this week...its so good, you don't need to butter or salt it. And tomorrow I have my day planned out for doing raspberry and peach jam and tomato canning...I'm thrilled about it...lots of work, but I'm anticipating having the homemade goods all through the winter months!

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Kaerlig said...

Bryanna's hair is awesome. Who did she inherit her curls from?