Monday, February 15, 2010

deepest influence & 300th post!!

"Motherhood has its marvelous power-blended pain and joy-and the deepest influence in the world. That it brings joy no one can doubt sees the mutual love of mother and child. Perhaps its chief grace lies in the fact that it is a ministry in which there is blended purposeful self-sacrifice with the confident expression of love in its purest quality."
-The New York Times, May 10, 1929

That quote was on my little daily calendar over the weekend, and I have kept thinking about it. How eloquently put. I think about my own mom and all the wonderful things she has done for me in my life, being an amazing cheerleader, encouraging me to no end. Watching her sacrifice growing up, but at the time just thought that's how life was, and now older and realizing she worked her tail off for us.

I hope I can be the mom I had. She is still the sounding board of advice.

Here's to the 300th post and to a fabulous Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays. Ever.

Mark arranged the entire date, lasting 6 hours! It was all a mystery to me, and I was VERY curious as to exactly what we were doing. Mark is very predictable, which is one of my favorite things about him because I can count on him with his word. But he doesn't give any clues when he has something up his sleeve, and that's the part that I can't stand! Anyway...on to the date...

We first headed to get a massage. They call Mark back first. My massage therapist takes me back to the room and she stares at me. Then she asks, "Did you just have a baby?" I'm thinking she's kidding, and by the look on her face I can tell she's not. I reply, "No, I'm still pregnant." Then to clarify she says, "You are pregnant?"

I'm just getting it now, and hoping that my stomach doesn't naturally hang out this far after the baby comes.

Mark forgot to mention when he made our appointments that I'm pregnant and to schedule a licensed prenatal therapist. But, since he was already "in session" I didn't know what his appointment scheduling conversation was. It was a bit awkward having to tell the manager and all the receptionist that yes, indeed, I am pregnant, and explaining the obvious is such a ridiculous feeling. And that my husband better know I'm pregnant at this point and why wouldn't he say so when he called in. The licensed prenatal therapist was already booked for that hour and so I got to sit in the lobby while Mark got his massage. And it really wasn't so bad. I read a few articles in the Golf Digest magazine.

Lesson Learned: Always state the obvious. Even when you think they have your required OBGYN's approval note on file.

Mark felt terrible, as I was expecting he would. I actually wasn't too bummed out about not getting my massage and had to let him know not to feel so bad. I rescheduled for tonight anyway!

Mark and I get a babysitter for going to the temple and try not to get one "just because" we feel like seeing a movie or whatever. With the last year of re-adjusting our budget, we've spent a little less on babysitting and take the kids with us. If it were me, I'd love for Mark to take me out every weekend with out the kids.

This is why I love Valentine's Day. Mark makes it extra special and I totally relish in being pampered by him.

After Mark's massage (LOL!!), he took me out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory...which we haven't been in two years. It was delicious, but learned that they discontinued making my favorite cheesecake. Bummer, but not really. Any cheesecake they bake is darn good.

Then he took me to see the movie, Valentine's Day....which I HIGHLY recommend seeing. I was a little cautious thinking the movie might be a hit out of the ball park with so many huge movie stars in it, maybe they need all those movie stars because the plot is lacking...but it was NO disappointment. It was that high flying home run, over the fence hit!! Go see it, even if you have to take your kids with you to the theater!

And to top the night off, Mark took me to a favorite store to stock up on lotions that I was running low of. In fact, I really can't imagine living without these lotions, I got into the habit of lotioning down after I shower (Vegas is a desert) and so now it just seems like something I have to do, kind of like shampooing and conditioning your hair...same with the skin.

I have to say that I had a fabulous date, one of the best in a long time, even despite sitting in the lobby of the massage place. I LOVED going out and getting spoiled by my honey. It was a terrific weekend and I can't say thanks enough.


Micah E. said...

Congrats on 300! Quite the milestone.

Kim said...

Hey lady!! How have you been? Was the last time you guys went to cheesecake factory with us?? That was the last time we went!! I've been really bad a keeping up with everyone lately!! Just wanted to say hi! We think about you guys often!! Love ya!!