Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new and improved

While I was gone on vacation....a few surprises were lurking, waiting for me.

Mark resealed our garage floor. It looks one thousand times better. Moral of story; don't use a cheap seal on your epoxy floor!

In fact it looks so good, it made us go through some of our stuff in storage so our garage can stay clean and neat!

One of my biggest surprises! Mark refinished the fireplace with rock veneer. I couldn't find a better photo of a before (except the ladies in the picture certainly brighten up the room!)...at least you get the idea!

Plain, simple, less dramatic...



The finished product. Beautiful, warm, inviting...

I must say, it is a HUGE improvement!! Mark even added a hearth at the bottom, which is such a nice touch. Now we just need to paint the shelf!

One other thing Mark did while we were away was cleaned the carpets throughout the house. As if he hadn't already done enough!! No, he had to really go over the top!! He rented the carpet cleaner for $33. It made a WORLD of difference, and I had been asking to get them done for 6 months now. We've always used a professional cleaner to come out and do it, but now we can do it ourselves for an eighth of the price!

Thanks Mark...you sure know how to please your girl!!


Amy said...

Send him to my house next! Everything looks great :)

The Fleming Family said...
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Me said...

Ooooooo! I love your fire place! I'm obsessed with fire places! And it seems like not a lot of homes in Vegas have them, so you're lucky. Ummmm I'm going to forward this post over to Tanner so he can put this "info" in his back pocket for a rainy day... :-) lol