Wednesday, July 1, 2009

here I go. again.

It's been two weeks since the D&C procedure, and I'm feeling 95%. I feel like I have a few more months of just being me, no pregnant body or a ball and chain nursing baby (don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy nursing my babies, the only hard part is, I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO IT! When I think back to my 'nursing babies' days, I remember wishing that Mark could grow breasts just to help me out sometimes!!)

I'm looking at this miscarriage like its all part of the bigger picture, and I get a little more time to myself before I subject my body to another pregnancy. For those experienced with pregnancy, it's not easy, and it changes your body. for. good.

So this is my second chance before kid #3 comes along to focus on getting some extra weight off and just being content with my two kids. Sounds easy, right?

I went to the gym today and did some fun classes back to back with a friend. We did a Zumba class first and it was a dancing class, which got my heart rate up a bit and some sweat going. Next was the kick boxing class and I would describe that more like a butt kicking class. Yeah, I was REALLY feeling it half way through. I finished, but felt like I got the tar beat outta me.

Easier said than done.

Here I go. Again.


Me said...

You can do it Stac!!!! Rock that bod!!!

Kaerlig said...

Exercise always takes away a bit of the sting for me.

The Fleming Family said...

I did my first workout today from having surgery and a baby and it kicked my butt! (But in a good way.) :-)
Those books are fiction but they are church books. They are about the pre-mortal life and then follow those people through their lives I think. It is a 6 book series. They came highly recommended and that is what he wanted for his birthday. Hopefully they are really good. (Not that he has any time to read them at the moment!)

Chrissy said...

Glad you are doing so well so quickly!! I am looking at it the same way too. A little more time for me!