Saturday, June 27, 2009

Disneyland {take two}

Our second time going to the Happiest Place on Earth while on our annual beach vacation. You can't just get enough in one day...which is sooooooooo true! You need two to get your fill (and the most for your mula!)
By far, this ride stood out to Bryanna. Every time I ask her what her favorite part of the trip was (in particularly Disneyland) she says the Merry-Go-Round.
On was just as thrilling as when I was a kid!
Tea cups...and yes, we are just posing in the cup. Mark and I both refused to go on the ride and suffer a headache.
The famous castle...wished there was more to it than just walking under it.
On Pirates of the Caribbean, Bryanna got a little scared, and I have to admit, if you don't quite know exactly what's going on (like a 4 year old) it would be pretty scary!
H.S. was fun to watch...I never saw the movies, so seeing this made me want to watch all 3!
Bumper was, well, BuMpY!
Daddy and Maddox on the Ladybug ride
Bryanna and Pluto
We caught the Disney Pixar parade, it was so fun to watch the kids get so into it. The characters in the parade kept squirting the crowds with water to keep cool, for some reason, we kept getting squirted!!

cooling off in one of the many water was a hot day!
One of my favorite things I love about Disneyland/California Adventures is the horticulture...its like perfection with the foliage...beautiful perfection.

Watching Aladdin the play...this kid ate it up!!
Monster's Inc....Maddox's all-time favorite Disney movie...they have a Monster's Inc. ride now in California was so fun to see the kid go wild!

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