Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance Recital

Mommy & the Ballerina!

Pretty Princess
The Ballerina's Biggest Fans!! Bumpa, Mimi, Daddy, Brother (who surprisingly paid close attention and enjoyed watching all the dancers!!)
I think its time to get a new camera, she really was so adorable on stage, she's the middle (tall) girl!
Mimi & Bumpa took us all out to dinner afterwards to celebrate the recital! It was so fun!! Great job, Bryanna, you are turning into a wonderful little dancer!


Me said...

She is beyond cute. Oh my gosh Stacy! I hope I can have a little ballerina one day! Still need the baby scoop- I'm so jealous BTW!

Michelle and Andrew said...

i love it. i kinda wish sydney would like to do the dance stuff, but she is more of a non-structured dancer--free spirit I guess. Brianna looked adorable. Fun times

Sharlet said...

They are so cute and sweet. I love little girls.