Wednesday, June 17, 2009

post op/paradise

So, I made it through the surgery. I'm actually feeling OK, just the cramping is getting annoying (yeah for motrin), but I have to say how grateful I am that the anesthesia didn't make me vomit today (its done so in the past, so what a relief!). I'm grateful for talented, caring Doctors that put themselves through rigorous schooling, testing and so much training. As I was coming out of it this morning, I felt so much gratitude towards the nurses and doctors for taking such good care of me. I just had to keep telling those helping me, "Thank you".

I got a little emotional as I was lying in my bed before they were to wheel me off to the OR. The nurses putting in my I.V. were very compassionate and told me how sorry they were for me. I appreciated it, but I really didn't want to cry more than I already have. But that's me, I usually can't hold back the tears, thanks to some extra hormones in my body that lessen my control on the tear factor.

Since the surgery, I haven't felt extremely emotional or sorry for myself. I hope the Lord will continue to bless me with this attitude of recovery. I'm not one to pity myself. I like to make and reach goals and that really helps pull me out of the dumps when occasionally I find myself there. It's like the wonderful hymn, "Count your many blessings". So cross your fingers for me, or keep a prayer in your heart, that I can stay positive.

We are headed to paradise least the paradise that will take me by car. (if we were to go by plane, now that would be a completely different paradise...but still include the ocean and sand).

I love Orange County, Anaheim, Capistrano, Dana Point, San it all. So, here we come...please be as pleasant as I remember...I only ask that the weather will be moderate with few to zero heat waves....but that might be pushing my luck...I'll just soak it all in...even if its a little on the steam-room side. How can you complain when you're in paradise anyway?


Sharlet said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and that everything went well. Have fun on vacation.

Amy said...

I am glad to hear that everything went fine and that you are feeling okay so far. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Shannon said...

I'm glad to hear your update & to hear you were so well cared for & all went well. I know that's hard to describe any other way. I'm keeping you guys in my prayers. (((hugs)))


Me said...

Looks like a high of 82 this weekend! The dolphins are calling your name!!! "Stacccccyyyyyy!" :-)

Allred Family said...

Gad to hear everything went fine, Enjoy your paradise!!!!! Sounds like it's perfect timing to get away for a little bit....Enjoy It!!!!!!

Sharlet said...

Hey Stacy,
Will you email me your phone number? I had a couple questions and wanted to talk with you.

Michelle and Andrew said...

stacey if anyone can make it through you can. hope you have fun in paradise. i am jealous. thanks for advertising for are awesome.