Monday, June 1, 2009


One of my best friends, Sarah, got married this weekend. I couldn't be happier. She has found the love of her life, and they are such a perfect match, its really quite wonderful to see how happy they are. Sarah and I have been friends since our freshman year at USU (12 years ago!) We both served missions in Japan, and we were in the MTC the same time. Actually, there were four of us who went to USU our Junior year, turned 21, decided to serve a mission and we all got called to Japan, and we were in the MTC together!! Isn't that pretty crazy?!?!? We all went to different missions though, and wrote each other through out that time. I'll have to dig out some pictures from way back when. It really was such a special time in our lives, and I think its even more unique the longer I've been home and think that we are still all friends!!

The Bride, Sarah, and me!

Bryanna, with the Princess Bride!! Bryanna absolutely loved Sarah and her beautiful dress!

Summer (also a USU roommate and good friend), Sarah, Me, Anna (fellow MTC missionary going to Japan!!), Bryanna
It was so fantastic to see everyone again, catch up and especially celebrate with Sarah on her marriage. These girls are some of my best friends, and they are so real. I wished we all were neighbors, and could hang out so our children could play together! We are all so completely different, yet similar. We can relate to each other so well! I just love being with these girls.

Leaving the reception in a carriage, a very romantic way to escape to the Honeymoon!!

I love the Salt Lake Temple, it is gorgeous, and majestic. I can feel the power of the Lord and a sense of reverence for the Savior whenever I see the Temple.

We went and grabbed some ice cream after the reception...Maddox playing pirate with his cone. What a silly little boy!

Aunt Katie, Bryanna, Maddox, Uncle Casey. Actually, Mark served a mission with Casey, there is no blood relation, but the friendship is tighter than any blood connection! We love hanging out with the Fords!! After we left, Bryanna asked Mark is Uncle Casey could come over to our house and play. I'd say that's a pretty huge compliment!!

A family picture, few and far between!

The car ride home was much better than the car ride to Utah. They were so tired from the trip, they slept beautifully!!

Except this one looks a little on the uncomfortable side! I think she was so tired, it didn't matter how she was laying!!

OK, all our Utah friends, we want you to come down and visit us!! We loved seeing and hanging out with you, come down to Vegas and we'll do it again!


Me said...

A) Need the baby#3 story

B) Love the family pic! Come back down here sometime and we'll do some more! :-)

Amy said...

It is nice to have people that you still hang out with from years ago! Aunts and uncles that aren't really relatives are awesome :)

The Mullins said...

I see the new widget on the the side! Congrats!! I was wondering when that would be coming.