Friday, January 9, 2009

One of "those" nights

Last night started off great. The kids went down around 8 pm or so, and that left Mark and I to get some things done. He worked on our website, and I cleaned (as usual). Around 10 pm, I headed up stairs, got ready for bed and picked up my book. I'm reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer, and I really like it, so far. I bought the book last May read the first two chapters, didn't like it, put down and now I'm finally getting around to reading it.

Surprisingly, I like the storyline. The first three to four chapters were pretty deceiving for me, thought the book was going to be a gruesome sci-fi, strictly alien talk kind of story...but Stephenie hasn't let me down!

So I read a part in the book about one of the characters dying from cancer last night, and it was all too real. I felt the pain and misery and the sting of death tasted too close. The last time I read something that made me feel this way was The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch who died of pancreatic cancer last fall.

Those kind of nights make me stop, think about what I have to lose in my own life, and pray for protection and guidance from the Lord, forbid anything happen. Life is so darn precious here on earth. In these instances, I become so grateful for eternal families. I would become a train wreck if anything happened to my kids or my husband.

I went to sleep, but it wasn't a peaceful sleep. I was awakened by a screaming Bryanna. Poor kid had the stomach bug and had it coming out both ends. I think it always catches me by surprise, this stupid bug usually comes in the middle of the night. Why doesn't it happen during the day when I'm already awake and can handle it much better?

To say the least, today will be a down day. She is doing much better and is much happier this morning, although she tossed her breakfast (applesauce) up again. She didn't wake up til 11:30 this morning! Talk about knocking her out!


Amy said...

I read The Host. I wasn't sure that I loved it but it was a good read!!!

Anonymous said...

Stacy! I just found your blog (from Shane Andrew's blog). So excited!

Allred Family said...

Poor Girl, Hope she starts feeling better soon!!!!! Sick kids are the worst, and I am with you why does it always happen in the MIDDLE of the night?????? I really would like to know. Good Luck, hope she sleeps better tonight!!!!!

Jamila said...

Stacey chan!

Holy about blast from the past!! Thanks to Micah we'll all eventually get connected. Where in the world are you? At first I thought Hawaii but I see that it was a vacation (love it!). Drop me a note--we need to connect! WAAAAY cute kids (you have KIDS?!?!?). :-)

Jamila said...

Okay back again!! I need your email address stacey. But to answer your question...I offer lessons (Arabic, can you believe it?) out of my home each evening at 7:30pm, so bedtime just evolved into Nate's job. Oh, I bath her, but he reads stories, gives her a final couple of drinks of water, and puts her down. Lullabies, etc. He also puts her down for her naps when he is here (Saturdays and Sundays). Glad for it...that way I think she is used to us both and doesn't have problems with nap/bedtime. That doesn't mean she sleeps through the night (still waking once...sigh) but not so bad.

p.s.I just LOVE the pictures you have here from your Hawaii trip!

Laurie said...

wow, stacy, it looks like Hawaii was a blast! It was a lot of fun chatting with you at Harmon's party; feel free to check out my blog:

The Marsdens said...

Allie had that bug yesterday, what a bummer! I always feel so bad for them! Glad she's feeling better!

Julianne said...

I'm sorry that you had bad sleep, but I'm glad to know someone has been feeling the same...There have been several times this week that I have been super anxious for the same reason as you described in your post about "The Host". It is so scary to think about all that is REALLY going on in the world and in our really puts me into place when these experiences happen and reminds me of how precious life is for everyone!