Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Hair cut

"Hi. My name is Maddox, and this is how I smile for EVERY picture!"

Mark knows what he is doing when it comes to a boy's haircut. Thank goodness! I was really holding out on a haircut for Maddox, but after Mark has been telling me he needs one for over a month now, I succumbed. Our kids aren't born with much hair, so it takes almost two years before they even need one. Alas, I actually like the cut, and was pleasantly surprised with Mark's razor-sharp skills!


LindaS said...

Two of our sons went through a phase where they smiled just like that!!! I always thought it was funny :) The haircut does look nice. Our kids are born with so much hair that we have to start haircuts when they are still itty bitty!

Shannon said...

My boys had little to no hair, too. It's hard to let it go & they look so much older when you get it cut. Maddox looks adorable! I love his giant cheesy grin. Too cute!!