Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Island Fever

Isn't it terrible? I've been home only one day now, and I'm dying to go back to Hawaii! It was seriously, hands down, the best vacation we've been on! I'm in vacation mode, and Bryanna is too. She was fighting to get into her swimsuit this morning, and I almost let her wear it for hawaii's sake!

The trip helped me slow down and finally pick up a book. I love to read, but with the rush of the holidays and parties, I found it really difficult to just sit back and read. Well, there was no problem doing that on this trip! Mark read the first THREE books of the Twilight series while "chillaxin" on the beach! Honestly, it was so funny, because he NEVER reads, with the exception of church literature and the scriptures. My dad also picked up Twilight and is on the third book now...isn't it crazy what a vacation does to your attitude?

We are all planning the next trip, whether it be Hawaii or a cruise...I'm in!! Now only if it weren't so darn cold here!


Chris & Lynette said...

I know what you mean, everytime I leave Hawaii, I cry. There is no place like it. We are hoping to go in March/April. I SOOOO hope it happens.

Heather said...

I hear ya! I have been home for over a week now, and I am so ready to go back to a life without responsibilities and schedules.

Nater said...

Very fun! That's one of the three states that I'm still missing so I gotta go. Lucky!!