Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dancing Queen

Bryanna enjoys dancing, but I think I enjoy getting her ready and watching her in class, almost more than she does!

She has grown so much just in the last couple of months. As if over night, she and Maddox really play together. And it has surprised me. Of course there are still those moments of swiping and running off with each other's toys, but on the whole, I am so pleased with how they play with each other. Bryanna makes Maddox call her mom when they are playing. I chuckle to myself everytime I hear him say "mom"! It's so hysterical.

I am so glad for that small level of maturity she has reached. I'm grateful for the growth I can witness in my children, somehow it helps me feel like I'm doing something right, even if it may have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with the gifts the Lord has given them.


The Marsdens said...

I think I will be the same way when our girls start dancing. How fun for both of you!

Allred Family said...

She is so cute all dressed up!!!!! I cannot wait to get Sage into a dance class :) That is hilarious that she makes Maddox call her would make me laugh too :)

The Petersons said...

You are such a fantastic mom. I wish I lived closer to you so that I could partake first hand of some of your wisdom. You are definitely doing something right to have 2 amazing children!

Amy said...

It really does seem like one day the switch flips and they all of the sudden figure out how to play together - good day! Getting dressed for dance class sounds like it should definitely be a highlight of EVERY week!