Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the fence

I didn't watch Obama get sworn into office. In fact, it didn't even interest me. History in the making, you would think, interest me.

I am sitting on the fence. I have no expectations for Barack Obama. Our country is in a pickle...a HUGE financial pickle. I think it would be a miracle if somehow the President of the United States could even make a dent in the country's debt. Could he really turn things around?

I would like to be pleasantly surprised, and do admit, that I hope to see Obama work some kind of magic. Of the slick words he used to get himself into office, I sure hope it can get the country just as far as he has come.

Although I didn't watch all the media on Tuesday, I can't help but feel victory for the democratic party. It's great to see so many people believe in him. As for me, I'm not 100% behind Obama. He hasn't done anything in office yet to win me over. It's too early to see how well he can keep his promises. I am on the fence, wondering what kind of shape the country will be in a year from now.


Steph Brackett said...

I didn't watch it either! In fact they had it on in the lobby of my office on tuesday and I went and closed my door so I could not hear it. I'm not being unpatriotic - I just can't stand to listen to the guy! (And his wife's stylist should be shot - she is a pretty woman but what is the crap they keep dressing her in?????). I am with you about the economy... I am praying that he can do something to fix it, but very skeptical that he can pull it off.

The Petersons said...

Can it get any worse? Man, it's hard to think about, huh? It's hard to put all your trust in just one person but I think that it's not the President who makes the country great it's the citizens and I hope that I can make a difference and that Obama can facilitate a positive change.

Kaerlig said...

If you didn't watch the inaguration, you really missed out Stacy.

I can't help feel pride that I can tell my future posterity that I helped vote in the first African American President of the United States. It is an amazing event in the history of our country and the world whether or not you believe in his political opinions.

Allred Family said...

Can i join you on your fence???? I did not watch it you i was not even slightly interested in it. I really hope he can do some good for this country but i am not optimistic about it.

Perry Family said...

The funny thing is, I don't feel like I missed out. It didn't interest me what-so-ever and my feelings are, "Big deal! If you think he's so great, let's see what he can do one or two years from now!" I hope he can live up to all the expectations his supporters have for him.

Celeste said...