Thursday, October 1, 2009

this weekend General Conference for my church. I'm going to Salt Lake City for my Japan, Sapporo Mission reunion. It can be awkward after 9 years of not seeing people you were serving with in a strange, foreign place, with hard, cold weather and the language was just as brutal. But with the help of angels, it became quite a fun and adventurous time, no matter the conditions. It will be fun to see those who know exactly what I'm talking about!

Then we are headed up to Idaho Falls to visit and stay with family. We are also anticipating digging for leftover potatoes in the fields, unless we already missed it, which I'm hoping we didn't. I also think my kids are expecting mounds of snow, but I hope there won't be any mounds yet.

I LOVE the first weekend of October, for all the wonderful messages from the leaders of the church and for a time of reflection on what life is all about. It will be a good weekend (with lots of driving, but still good!)

So a change of subject, I am getting a little desperate. I have ANTS living under my foundation...or something like that. These little buggers keep peering through all the tiniest of cracks in my kitchen island. I have had them, on and off, for almost 10 months now. I think I've gotten rid of them. I have tried almost everything. I say almost, because if I tried absolutely everything in the entire universe, they would be goners by now.

So I'm throwing this out to you, my readers, ANYBODY....what else can I do to get rid of these stupid pests??????????? Just to let you know what I have tried....I have fumigated (only a few weeks ago actually) I have sprayed til I can't stand the smell anymore. I have set out bait to take back to their nest (that one failed miserably). I have called a pest control company and they sprayed everywhere I have already sprayed, and they came back, with a vengeance. It is the most irritating, annoying and frustrating to no end thing that has ever happened.

THEN, to be even more irritating, more annoying and more frustrating, a few days ago, I found a few stragglers coming up through the drain of my master bathroom shower......UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I see them, I just wash 'em down and after a few washings, I haven't seem them....yet.

Please help. I need some expertise advice, and not just from someone who sprays the stuff. I need to KNOW what to do to kill off the nest, destroy it forever and ever!!!!!!!!

I would be truly and grateful for all your tips and advice. Thank you for helping. I'll let you know how and when I finally free myself of these critters.


Anonymous said...

Stacy! I'm bummed that I won't be at the mission reunion! My family decided to go out of town for the weekend. UGH! Poor timing.

Shan said...

Have fun at conference this weekend. I wish I could go. The youth from our ward get to go but there wasn't enough tickets for a straggler mom. :(

I've tried a few things that have worked with ants, so lemme see if I can be of some use here.

If you haven't already tried this, put out cornmeal. They'll take it back to their homes & those that eat it will die. The other thing is peppermint essential oil. If you know where they're coming in from, spray those cracks. They won't cross the line (it burns). You dilute the peppermint EO in some water, put it in a spray bottle & viola! That one's been the most effective. It doesn't kill them, but it keeps them out & it makes my home smell really nice. :)

If you need anything, lmk. :)

Me said...

Oh no! That's such a huge bummer! Ants are the worst! I have no advice for you but hopefully they'll back off soon. It's ant season down here too but it seems like when it gets colder out they go away. Cross your fingers! And tell Idaho hello from us!

wishywatchy said...

yeah no advice on the ants, i had them once and they went away the next day after using the ant traps...but i am assuming you have tried that already. perhaps you need to stop baking, those ants are just drooling to get a crumb! good luck and have fun in utah and idaho!