Sunday, October 11, 2009


So, my baby sister had homecoming on Saturday. My mom was a saint and fed all 24 teenie boppers at her house for part of their date before heading off to the dance in 2 stretch limos and to go to some fun places on the strip for more pictures. I guess you can never get enough pictures on such a fun, big night!
There were three round tables set up with majestic candles as the center piece.
Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Cousins playing on the trampoline on the other side of the house while dinner was being served!

The buffet line

Bryanna with her Aunt Jamie

Jamie was asked by Nelson to homecoming this year. They had tons of fun!

Now everyone was looking at the camera!

Brooke & Jamie with their dates. These girls have been BFF's for 11 years now!

All packed into the limo!

Today while we were over for Sunday dinner, I was wanting to get the scoop on how the night went with such a fun, big group, but Jamie was sacked out on the couch! After the night was over, some girlfriends stayed over and chatted past 2am! So from what I heard, they all had a clean, wholesome fun time, with a jolly load of pictures to remember every moment!


Anonymous said...

jamie looks so pretty! looks like fun! :)

Angie said...

Ah, Homecoming memories...your sister is gorgeous. I want to mention that you are looking lovely as well. Those pictures of you at your mission reunion are beautiful, and I love the dress. Also, I hope you've managed to take care of the ant problem. How wretched!