Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We stopped off Temple Square on our way home from ID for a break. There is something magical about this temple. Maybe its the fact that it took 40+ years to build, and back in the day, such an enormous, beautiful, majestic temple cost so much time and money of the early Saints. I thank them so much for all they had to sacrifice to construct such a place. It's gorgeous, and my little Bryanna wanted so very much to go inside, and one day she will!

Do you like the little miss poser?

And again....posing....she's a crack up!
Do you think we got enough pictures of the temple? It's just captivating, and I couldn't stop pulling out the camera at every angle. Not every Temple of the church is this gorgeous to the point where it looks fabulous on all sides. So, there you go, from the North, East and South!!

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