Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gilcrease Orchard

We went to a pumpkin patch as a field trip for Bryanna's preschool. It was really fun for the kids. Running and looking for the perfect pumpkin kept them busy. It was really dusty and the field was full of soft it made for a horrible dusty day. But, it was fun for the kids and nice to see that pumpkins actually can grow in the desert!

I think it's comical to see a farm with palm trees in the back ground.

Grace & Bryanna make for a dynamic minute they are loving each other, the next they are fighting. They make me laugh. There were three preschool classes from our neighborhood that came along, so although Bryanna and Grace aren't in the same class this year, we still got to car pool and hang out with everyone!!

Bryanna picked out the most perfectly round pumpkin I've ever seen!

Miss Marci and Bryanna's class. It was a fun outing way the heck across town.


Me said...

LOVE IT! I'm enjoying all these posts! I so wish we could have gone to Utah to make it to Tanner's mission reunion. Looks like you had a blast! Waiting for more ultrasound pics! :-) (There are my fav!)

Lindsay said...

It was fun driving with you! My car will hopefully get the wash it deserves tomorrow...sooo dusty.

Allred Family said...

So Cute, i love pumpkin patches. So much fun for kids!!!! Bryanna's Pumpkin is just perfect :)