Thursday, October 8, 2009


Soccer camp started yesterday for Bryanna. She and Mark went to the store and picked out all the soccer gear she needed. I think Mark had more fun than Bryanna did because he played on a club team all growing up and in high school. One year, his club team took State in California, which is a big deal. California is huge....and there is lots of talent in the Golden State, so it just shows how great of a team he was on as a teenager.

Maddox very much wanted to be in with all the kids, but he was able to kick his sister's pink ball around and kill some time!

It's great to see her running around, burning some energy off, having fun and practicing a new skill.

Another way maddox killed some time was picking up my camera and telling everyone to say, "cheese!" Oh well, maybe I shouldn't let him play with my camera, but he really does love it, and knows how to turn it on and off.
I thought he took a pretty cool one (not the one of me) but the one below, its out of focus, but the sky turned out neat that day!

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