Friday, October 30, 2009

Long time....No blog!

yes, yes, yes...its been a while. Please forgive me. I've been in a funk, with lots to blog about, but no time, or just plain lack of motivation. We finished our to come. I have been loving having my house back to normal privacy, without workers coming and going, banging away, tracking dirt all over. Its heaven to wake up with an extra room in the house. I'm very proud of Mark for getting it done in a timely fashion...just about two weeks and that's all folks!!

On to other news....we are having a boy...or a girl. I've had two ultrasounds, one telling us its a boy, and the other a girl! I'm 18 weeks now and so hopefully next ultrasound will give us the final verdict and the baby will cooperate!!! I'm anxious as ever to get the nursery set up, now that we have an empty room upstairs just waiting for a newborn to fill it up. I've been sleeping like a rock lately, and I'm grateful for all the wonderful and fabulous sleep I'm getting. It really makes a huge difference in how my day goes.

And on to more good news, I've gotten the green light to play tennis and do whatever!! So I've played twice already and its been SO FUN to pick my racquet back up. Oh how I've missed hitting the tennis ball. It's such a tension reliever too. I'm a much happier mommy and wife when I can do my little hobbies. And speaking of hobbies, I even got ALL my scrapbooking stuff out again and went to a girls night out and scrapped the entire time. I forgot how much I really enjoyed scrapbooking was reminded why I even got into it.


Me said...

YAY! So glad you're feeling better! Now I need: a picture of the addition, a picture of your belly, and a picture of the fetus. Thank you!

Kara said...

I did wonder what the heck happened to you! You're so good at keeping up with blogging (unlike me) and I was starting to worry. Glad you've been released to play tennis again and scrapbooking sounds so fun. I'm interested to see how you added a bedroom on. You guys are always doing something. Anyways, maybe I'll run into again soon (maybe Camille's reception)! Take care.

Caitlin said...

Congratulations! . . . both on the pregnancy and getting the loft done - that's great! :) I hope you keep feeling good during the pregnancy. :)