Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We went digging for some Idaho potatoes. It was fun to see what they looked like in the ground. All dirty and funny looking! Our fingers got really muddy though, but the kids had a blast!

Sunday we headed over to Mark's oldest sister's house for dinner. I wasn't the best photographer documenting all the people we saw on this trip, but here is what we got from her house!
Rachel is helping Maddox on the drums, he was LOVING it! And of course, Rock-Star nephew Seth on his guitar!
Bryanna found a new boyfriend....Chris (who is Haley's boyfriend...sorry Haley, Bryanna forms crushes fast!! :) And Reagan in the pink...she was sooooooo great and played with the kids til they were worn out and exhausted!

On Monday, we woke up to................SNOW!! The first thing Bryanna asked, "Mom, can I eat the snow?" It was so funny...she was having a hay-day with it. I'm glad we don't have to live in it. It was great to see everyone and get the pleasure of witnessing the first bit of snow. It was a blast. Thanks Steph for letting us stay with you and letting the kids eat all your snacks!!

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