Thursday, July 30, 2009

pet dragon

Watching the Barbie version of "Rapunzel" while driving home last night, this was a portion of our conversation.

Bryanna: If our car stops working mom, we can fly around on a dragon's back.
Me: Oh really?
Bryanna: Ya. And it could be our pet, and we'll feed it all the time, and play with it. It could take me to the park and to the pool.
Me: Sounds like fun!

I swear she wishes life were more imaginary and that cool things like flying dragons and magic existed. Then again, so do I! If you've seen this DVD, then you know exactly what our pet dragon would look like.


Me said...

I need a daughter.

Erin said...

Hayden is obsessed with that movie.

Julianne said...

Cuuute. We love those movies.