Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pie 'N Ear Party

Since being called (in May) to the Activities Chair in my ward, I have the privilege of planning all the activities with the committee! {It was a bit of a shock since it was right after our ward performed the Easter cantata, and I was really loving and enjoying being the choir director, but I am having lots of fun with the activities...the joys of serving in the church} In Utah, they celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24th, but seeing as how we don't live in Utah, we had "other" festivities... a pie eating contest!
grown men
stuffing their faces...always hilarious! They were a little too clean for a pie eating one really wanted to get down and dirty!

the winner receiving some candy!

and the kids stuffing their faces...

I think they enjoyed scarfing down the sweet pie, as much as we enjoyed watching it!

This little guy on the left was the winner in the kids competition...just look at those cheeks!

Corn eating contest (part of the Ear, in Pioneer!)

It was so entertaining watching the kids eat corn as fast as their jaws could possibly go. The daintiest of girls were some of the quickest corn eaters, seriously!

Any respectable ward party wouldn't be complete without a water balloon fight...

He looks harmless, so you think.

He actually soaked me twice in the behind.

It took at least a few hours filling all the balloons...

...and they were gone in minutes!

Thanks to those who brought all the yummy ice cream & pie, esp the homemade stuff. I made cookies 'n cream ice cream, recipe to follow the next post. It was an awesome turn out!

Next year, let's do it again!


Kaerlig said...

Pie n' Ear -that's cute. May have to use that sometime.

Janeen said...

I love the title! You'll be an awesome activities chair.

Allred Family said...

Such a cute idea, we did nothing for pioneer day.....lame i know!!!!!! Our ward does not do cute stuff like that, and we are even on the activities committee. There have not been any activities to plan since we have been put in a month or so ago....Hopefully we can help change that!!!!!! Super cute pictures :)

Julianne said...

How clever!