Sunday, July 5, 2009

America, the beautiful

Happy 4th!!
We started off celebrating by making my famous and annual jello layer salad. I have to make each layer separately and wait four hours for it to set. It takes two days!

and to top it off with cool whip and some fruit!

(yes, I'm wearing my blue T again. I can't help it. As soon as I wash it, I want to wear it. I do have more shirts I like, but for some reason I'm gravitating towards this shirt right now.)

the two munchkins, playing over at Uncle Cal's!

What celebration wouldn't be complete without a dip in the pool?

you can't get more patriotic than Grandpa!

The two love birds...the almost engaged love birds!!

The neighbors across the street had the illegal kind, a great, free show for us though!

we had a blast!! until next year....let freedom ring!


Amy said...

I love to watch kids on 4th of July! It is truly a magical day for them :) Tell Camille congrats!!! That is really exciting!

Allred Family said...

Your Jello Salad looks Amazing.....i have never tried to make it myself...but i know it is delicious!!!!! There is nothing better than swimming on the 4th, Looks like you had a GREAT day!!!!!

Steve Terry said...

Unrelated to the 4th of July but since i dont know where else to ask... What ward are you guys in? My nephew, Elder Terry, is a missionary assigned to the Durango and Lone Mountain wards. I remember you live somewhere around Durango...right?
Hope all is well with you guys!

Me said...

I know! Totally bummer! We were late getting in and then on the way back our flight was delayed and we didn't even land until 11pm... THEN we had to drive home. Ummmm not fun. But it looks like you had a blast and my mouth is watering for that jello! You are the BEST cook!!!! Ugh! :-)

scott said...

that jello is soo mormon