Monday, July 13, 2009

the clubhouse

One of the reasons we moved into our neighborhood was all the amenities of the clubhouse, specifically, the pool. One cannot survive the Vegas summers without access to a pool! I don't want one in my backyard yet, fear of small kids drowning. Although it would be very convenient. So at least we can go play in a pool and not have that constant worry if the gate wasn't closed to the pool at home.
We spend at least three days a week, if not more, swimming at the clubhouse. And what's even better is we usually go with good friends from our ward!

Grace & Bryanna in the showers

One of my best friends, Lindsay, aka: my gym buddy, pool buddy, freezer group meals pal, double date couple, swapping babysitting so we can get to appointments, etc. It helps that two of our kids are the same age. What would we do without good friends in this world???

Lindsay and Gavin

two of a kind: Grace & Bryanna.
They are such good little friends.

We LOVE the clubhouse!

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Me said...

New floors!!!! Yay!!!! How fun! You are so spontaneous! I love it! And I can't get enough swimming in this summer! It's not even that hot here (compared to Vegas) but it's so fun to walk to a friends house and get all of Parker's energy out swimming. PLUS, I dont have to chase him around or clean up messes cuz he's in the pool! :-)

Have you met Jen Jone's and her family yet?