Monday, August 3, 2009


Mark and I headed off to Austin, TX to visit his dad. It was a short, but sweet trip. We packed in a TON of fun things just in the two days we were there. My parents were awesome and kept our kids with them while we were away. They took the kids to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday. On Sunday, they had two sacrament meetings to attend because of their calling in the mission presidency, and so the 4 yr. old and the 2 yr. old sat through both of the meetings and did fabulous, I was so pleased to hear they did fine. Some Sundays don't always go as smooth for us!
San Antonio Temple

Dan, Mae Bell, Mark, Stacy

Angel Moroni.

The San Antonio Temple is one of the smaller temples. It is beautiful and magnificent, just as any other temple in our church. As I walked inside, I just so happened to run into a family that I grew up with in my home ward. It was so crazy to see all the kids again (well, they aren't kids anymore...they are my age!) One of the brothers was getting sealed that day and the whole family was there...what a crazy coincidence!

Between the temple and dinner, we stopped off at a place called Charming Charlie' was the cutest store and I can't wait for one to come to Las Vegas!! I did some serious shopping there.

And the infamous Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX

We waited for an hour to get into the best BBQ in TX, and that's the darn truth!

They let you come back behind the counter and take a picture next to the "pit".

It was so great to see Dan & Mae Bell and be with them if only for a weekend!

The place is ALWAYS packed. The last time we came was three years ago, and it was even better than I remembered. They actually built a Salt Lick in the Red Rock Hotel & Casino here in Las Vegas, it opened about three years ago, and let me tell ya, it isn't nearly as good as the REAL thang!

My father-in-law has a small car, as I like to call it! The smart car was teeny tiny and drove like a manual shift transmission, even though it was an automatic.

can you say SMALL?

For some reason, both my back and mark's back was a little outta wack, maybe from driving in such small cars or the airplane ride or something, but Mae Bell kept telling us we needed to get on the inversion table...and so in the minutes before we left for the airport, we hopped on the table and went for a ride. I have to admit, it felt good!


Allred Family said...

Looks like you had a Super fun little trip, That BBQ looks Amazing....I would love to go try it one day!!!!!!

Me said...

Oh man! I need a short and sweet trip with my hubster! I've never been to TX but it looks like fun! Stacy, you looks so beautiful in that pic by the pit! We need to see more stacy pics! :-)

Angie said...

I hear Austin is a great place. I'm glad you have the sort of awesome parents who will take the kids while you get away with Mark. By the way, I'm with Bryanna: Dragons would be way cooler than cars.

Caitlin said...

Hey Stacy! Thanks for stopping in and saying hi. :) . . . just an FYI - I just posted my calzone recipe (as much of a recipe as there can be--we kind of wing it a little.

It's fun to see you on facebook, and now blogging, too. :)