Wednesday, July 8, 2009

heart to heart talk

Bryanna (dressed as a doctor, with a stethoscope and apron on, listening to her doll's heart): "Mom, her heart stopped!!!!"
Me: gasp! "Uh oh! She died!"
B: "What?
Me: "Well, when your heart stops, that means you died."
B: "Ummmm, that's OK. It will turn on again." (completely serious!)

Most of this heart talk has been a result of many celebrities dying. (i.e. Michael Jackson, Billy Mays) I guess the moral of the story is, take care of your heart.


Angie said...

If only it worked like Bryanna imagines. I totally identified with what you said about breastfeeding in an earlier post, by the way.

Lindsay said...

Kids say the funniest stuff! And they can always fix it at that age. Love your new family photo :)

Michelle and Andrew said...

maybe she is just planning on becoming a doctor and solving that problem.