Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!

My sister, Jen, turned 32 today!! So here are 32 reason why I love her so much:

1. She is so fun to go shopping with, seriously, we have such a good time.
2. One of the most generous persons I will EVER meet.
3. We have really good phone conversations, we can talk about anything and everything, we can laugh and cry all in the same phone call.
4. She helps me feel like a good mother, even when I don't feel like one myself!
5. Bryanna loves her just as much as (or more than) her own mommy! Bryanna is like candy in Jen's hands!

6. Her advice is really good, she knows when to give it and when to just listen.
7. She lets me come over and swim, WHENEVER, and we talk and swim and talk some more!
8. Jen takes us out to the lake and we have a grand 'ol time swimming off the back of her boat, tubing, and blaring our favorite music!

9. She has the most giving heart, is always willing to help me if I ever get into a bind, which seems to happen more than I would like!
10. Jen gives the best presents...Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, I would try with all my might to give back as much as she has given me for the rest of my life and still not even it out.
11. She is an awesome mom and her example impacts me everyday.
12. Her trials have made her stronger, more resiliant & faithful.
13. Jen's thoughtfulness is amazing, she is always looking out for my benefit.
14. Jennifer is by far and away the best party Hostess ever!! Baby showers, bridal showers, graduation parties, birthday parties, Super Bowl Parties, you name it...she can do it, and does it WELL I might add!
15. Her tips on designing the interior of my home are so appreciated...thanks sis for getting your degree in Interior Design...I would have failed miserably:)
16. Her kids are a huge help to me when they come over and play or if they come with me to the park, movies, Chuck E truly is a blessing to live near cousins!
17. She is my favorite doubles tennis partner to play with...we have some serious fun on the tennis court...playing together is a blast!
18. Jen is such a wonderful grand daughter to our mom's parents...she is always doing kind deeds for them.
19. We have a blast doing lunch together...good food and great company can cure any ailment:)
20. Vacations are so fun with Jen and her family, the beach, cruises, disneyland!

21. Making homemade Carmel apples in the fall...need I say more?
22. Her signature persian rice makes mouth happy!!
23. Working out together isn't always fun...I mean if your doing a Body by Curtis video and can't walk the next day, but worth it!
24. Going on walks is much more fun because we can actually talk, unlike a Curtis video...
25. Jen can relate to all the personalities in our family!
26. We have SO MUCH fun just hanging out, shooting the breeze.
27. I learn lots from Jen just from what she has gone through and how positively it affects her.
28. Jennifer is a fiercly loyal friend (and sister) for life.

29. Her love for life is very contagious...its hard not to be having fun around her!
30. Jen is super friendly and can talk to anyone.
31. Her small acts of kindness impact in a big way.
32. She is a wonderful sister, daughter, wife, mother, sis-in-law, grand daughter!

We are all so blessed to have her in our family! Hope you have a very happy birthday Jennifer!!

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Heather said...

What a sweet post! You are such a great sister!!