Monday, July 21, 2008

Our fun weekend

Friday night, Mark took me out for a dinner and a movie. We went to Town Square and ate at Claim Jumpers and then walked over to the Rave theaters to see the premier of Batman: The Dark Knight. It was SO FUN to go on the first day of opening. Let me tell you how packed it reminded me of the "olden days" when movies would come out for the first time maybe in color, or with know, that sort of thing. I think the death of Heath Ledger also helped create all the hype for the movie. I seriously am still in shock that he is dead! The role he played, The Joker, is a dark one, and he may have gotten too deep into the role, thus the problems with anxiety and sleeping...what a pitty...he was a talented actor and I absolutely loved him in "Ten Things I Hate About You" with Julia Styles. Batman was great, go see it!

Then on Saturday I went to the Lake with my sister and her family. It was tons of fun, I forgot my camera, which is a shame, because I missed out on some really good Kodak moments:) Maddox didn't love it as much as Bryanna and I, it was too hard for him to sleep on the boat, and he just couldn't help but be a little cranky...but it was fun.

Mark stayed home on Saturday to work on our backyard. We are putting a trampoline in-ground, and people...if we knew exactly how much work it really is, I would have said no!! Digging and removing all the dirt is a huge job...especially with the hard clay dirt that Vegas is famous for. There will be pictures to come of our backyard. Even though it has been a lot of work, I am getting really excited for it to come together. The wall will be built by the weekend, so this Saturday we should be half way with the trampoline all finished! WAHOO!!


Kara said...

What a fun weekend! You guys sure know how to have fun. Too bad Maddox didn't enjoy the boat more.

Chris & Lynette said...

We watched Batman this weekend too. It was good. I'm with ya on Heath Ledger though. Good luck on the backyard, it's always so much work, but then so worth it!

The Almanza Family said...

I havent see nThe Dark Knight but I cant wait, especially to see how dark Heith Ledger got but I also LOVED 10 things I Hate about you =D.. As for the in ground trampoline, how exciting.. I bet the work is LOTS but I grew up with one at both houses and let me tell you.. I was WELL worth it.. I cant image having a trampoline without it underground. So much more fun in my opinion.

Karissa said...

All work and still some play - sounds like a great weekend! ;-)