Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kid Funnies...


Bry: "Mom, can I go in the T.V and play with them?" [she's watching the cartoon Hamilton on Noggin]
Me: "Sure Bryanna, but how are you going to do it?"
Bry: "I don't know! But it looks fun!"

**That is not the first time she has asked to go into the T.V.!!!

Bryanna's prayer Saturday night (mind you we were at the Lake ALL day):

"Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for the Lake and Hawaii..."

**She has been to Hawaii, but I doubt she really remembered it. I did make a scrapbook of the trip and she reads it occasionally, but I am still trying to figure that one out!! She asks to go to the beach and play EVERY day...seriously! A girl after my own heart!!


My Bro-in-law (my sis's hubby) is an amazing father to his kids...and he is crazy about his niece and nephew as well. As Maddox is still a cute little marshmallow with rolls on his arms and legs, Obteen just loves it...and so a few new nicknames he came up with for Maddox is: PUFF-PUFF and FLUFFY!! How FUNNY is that????


Kara said...

Man, Bryanna knows what's up! I am thankful for the Lake and Hawaii too! I bet Maddox is getting so big! I haven't seen him in forever!!

Heather said...

Love those names, to cute!

Angie said...

I love all the kid funnies. I need to post more of those. Anyway, Hello beautiful Jello concoction. I love the way your family goes all out for these things. Everyone looks great in their Independence Day attire. Your kids are darling. You mean you hadn't noticed Bryanna's pink eyes? They're really something. I also loved the story about her wanting to watch golf. I would think baseball would be a little more entertaining to watch, though not much. By the way, comment as much or as long on my blog as you like. I love it! And besides, I've been known to make some rather lengthy comments myself.

The Petersons said...

I love the kid funnies too!!! They are sooo cute!!!!! I love hearing about all the adorable things they say!! What a great mamma they have!