Friday, July 25, 2008


The rules:
1. List three items in each category
2. Tag three other people from whom you would like to hear
3. Get to know your friends and family

I seem to be a very predictable person, especially to Mark so this may not surprise anyone!
1. Horror movies SCARE me to death...I actually think its part of my imagination, so that doesn't help when I hear noises in the middle of the night! Mark doesn't appreciate it when it does get the better of me and I wake him from his peaceful sleeping state! So I stay away from those movies.
2. Black Widow spiders...since moving to our new house, it was vacant for 6 months, and now I'm dealing with killing all the insects that invaded it. I have killed AT LEAST 7 Black Widow spiders...and I have lived to tell about it, a miracle!!
3. And of course, the most predictable, losing anyone in my family...Mark, my kids, my parents, sisters, would be unimaginably hard.

1. Eating chocolate Hagan Daas ice cream with peanut butter chunks swirled into it...I know I shouldn't put this as the #1 joy, but it is so joyfully delicious!
2. Sleeping in after staying up late, sometimes Mark stays up with me too, and he doesn't always get to sleep in as late as I do (poor Mark!), but when I do get to sleep in, it fills my well almost to the tippy top!
3. Uninterrupted family time...i.e. VACATIONS! I love it when I have Mark all to myself for a period of time!

1. I have a rooster theme going in my kitchen, although it is not a very big collection, it IS a collection of which I need to expand upon!
2. Reality TV has become sort of an obsession...I watch episodes of these shows: American Idol, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, The Mole, I survived a Japanese Game Show, Dancing with the Stars, So you think you can dance, Wipe Out, America's Funniest Home Videos, Just for Laughs...there are probably more, but I just can't think of them right now. And don't worry, I don't watch them ALL, EVERY week...there are seasons ya know:). What really makes this obsession work is my handy dandy DVR...recording these shows and fast forwarding through commercials is the best way to watch tv these days!
3. I have to agree with Angie about her Dan obsession, although I'm not obsessed with Dan, it's MY husband, Mark, of whom I am rather obsessed all good ways! Isn't that what helps make a good marriage? You have to be somewhat obsessed with each other to live together...forever is eternity!

1. Our backyard is coming along...and right at this moment, Mark is preparing to set our trampoline in the ground to come, I promise!
2. While I was at Utah State Univ. I took a Japanese class my freshman year. We had to take oral tests at my Sensei's office. So I arrived for a test and as I started to walk down the stairs, which were probably only 6 inches in width, my foot is NOT 6inches long, so you can guess the rest!! But for those of you who don't have quite the imagination, I slid down the stairs on my rump...and yes, I was wearing a SKIRT that day...just my luck, and to be even LUCKIER, there was a couple of fellow students at the bottom watching the WHOLE thing...Lucky me:) or should I say, lucky them...they might have gotten a peek of my unmentionables!!
3. Mark was sleep walking last creeped me out because he JUMPED out of bed, around 1am last night, throwing the covers on me and then walked into the closet. I said, "Mark, what are you doing? Mark, where are you?" Then we walks back over the bed, climbs in and said, "I was dreaming of making a movie." Huh? Ok honey, just go back to bed!! Random, I know!

1. Don't make a fool of myself while leading the Priesthood Choir in Sacrament this Sunday, I feel silly waving my arms around as I "direct" them in song! For those of you who have never directed a Choir, but like to sing in them...they are TWO VERY different things!
2. Now that I'm in the Music department of my ward, so to speak, it makes me think about talents, and which ones I would like to pursue more. One is playing the piano more often. I thought about trying to keep up my japanese somehow, but I don't have a plan yet. The piano seems a little more realistic, since I have a piano and don't have any japanese friends nearby...I guess I could make a goal on figuring out a plan for my Nihongo...(japanese for japanese)
3. Doing FHE every monday night...Mark and Bryanna (you could count Maddox too) LOVE it when I plan something...small or big, it is fun to do for EVERYONE.

I tag Heidi, Chandra and Kaerlig.


Heather said...

Super fun! I love learning crazy things about everyone.

Angie said...

Loved it, Stacy. I also meant to mention in my last post that it's good to know someone else is in the Full House Anonymous club. :)

Kaerlig said...

I'll have to think about all these fears and goals and obsessions before I blog about it. But definately one of my fears is one of my loved ones dying or getting hurt and right up there is my fear of messing up my kids' lives or them hating me. I also want to play the piano more - or start playing at all. I want to take lessons again. We have some commonalities eh?