Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busy as a Honey Bee

I finally peeled myself out of bed this morning when I heard some funny noises coming from down stairs. My firstborn helped me throw on a roast in the crock pot on Monday for dinner, which meant peeling the carrots, and CUTTING them, along with the potatoes and onions. I think all that assistance was too much for her...she no longer wants to be the sou chef! I'm just glad she decided to use a butter knife instead of one of my really sharp Wusthof knifes.

Maddox has been so stinkin' cute these days, I just had to snap a shot of him this morning. He has been playing the role of Bashful from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs lately. And it as landed him the spotlight on a few occasions...

Then moving onto the next little mess, Bryanna just doesn't think I'm fast enough to help get her little arts & crafts going these days! Again, I have a feeling she is growing up faster than I think she is. Somehow she found where I put the paint and got into it. I'm grateful that she wasn't wearing anything too special, unless you count your birthday suit and whitey tighties as special?

She actually did a pretty good job and didn't spill AND stayed pretty much in the lines. The first time we did this fun little project I hoovered over her shoulder watching EVERY MOVE!

I snapped this a few weeks ago when out of the blue, daddy and daughter snuggled on the couch and read a was too good to pass up evidence that Mark occasionally DOES read to our kids:)

We finally have barstools in my kitchen now. I found these babies at Sam's Club! Style for not a lot of dough! It is fun to make these purchases because they are so PREMEDITATED, the anticipation is half the excitement!

We actually eat in the kitchen now instead of at the couch...on my list next is a bigger dining room table that seats more than four!!


Kara said...

Nice bar stools! I love Sam's Club- speaking of Sam's club, I saw your Mom there today! What a nice surprise. Haven't seen her in forever. Nathan was being all shy and bashful too, and she told me how Maddox does that shy look all the time and underneath it all has a big smile! What a cute boy! Man, you better watch Bryanna! I can't believe she was trying to cut carrots with a butter knife! Scary!!!

Todd & Rakel Gardner said...

I love the bar stools. Sam's club always has a lot of good finds. Fun arts and crafts, you are such a good mom.

Heather said...

Love the new stools! They are awesome!

Steph Brackett said...

Oh my gosh! Perhaps you better only let Brianna help with things like say, ummmmmmm making Jello. Pretty sure that involves no sharp objects. Aren't kids just so funny!

Baker Bunch said...

Don't you LOVE how they Love to help!
Maddox is getting SO much CUTER!

Nice Stools! I have to get over to Sam's to find chair for my table.

Allred Family said...

Wow I cannot believe she was trying to cut least she was using the butter knives :)
Cute Pictures, and super cute bar stools

Allred Family said...

Wow I cannot believe she was trying to cut least she was using the butter knives :)
Cute Pictures, and super cute bar stools

Kaerlig said...

I loved the pictures of the carrots. My kids have done that many time with butter knives and it cracked me up that other kids do it too.