Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FHE & A Bryanna Funny

Last night we did FHE with another family, which usually happens about once or twice a month in our family. I would love to have it every Monday night, but I always find excuses not to. The biggest one for me is what lesson should I teach and how can I make it age appropriate for my kids? That always puzzles me. Then it leads to last minute preparation and a very thoughtless lesson. Now I have to say that there is no more room for excuses!! A (somewhat) new-found-love of mine, that makes FHE totally brainless and easy to do, is this wonderful FHE blog that has everything outlined to the T! My friend Natalie started it a while ago, and let me tell you...it takes alot of the work out of it, but makes you feel like FHE is still doable!

I hope you check out this FHE Blog and use it too...it has great ideas, lots of different topics with activities and refreshments to match...thanks Natalie, and let me know when you want a contribution too, I have been brainstorming some ideas!

Bryanna Funny of the Day:

Last night, Mark was watching the Home Run Derby.

Bryanna says to him, "Daddy, I don't want to watch Baseball."

PAUSE.....Mark and I both look at her waiting for her to manipulate us into turning on one of her favorite Barbie movies...She is thinking of what to say...

She then says, "I want to watch GOLF!" We cracked up off and on for the rest of the night!


Julie Noorda said...

That FHE blog is great! Thank you for sharing! Bryanna says the cutest things. I love how you are so good at putting the things she says on your blog so we can read them and laugh too.

Chris & Chrissy said...

I am totally with you on the FHE thing!! I know I need to do it, it is the actual doing it instead of just thinking about it!!
Bryanna is too funny! You are going to have your hands full when she is a teenager!!:)

Natalie said...

Oh Stacy, That was so sweet to post about my FHE blog. I really haven't done anything with it in months. Bobbie has been doing it....she is just a girl that asked me to post more and I asked her if she would like to guest post for a while and she has been fantastic. I would love it if you wanted to start up on posting one. I will get things going in the next little bit. I problaby wont be posting for a few more months. We are moving in about 3 weeks and things are crazy between that, my last 2 classes and being in the R.S. presidency. I am so past my point of being able to do anything else so I am so glad that you are willing to post on it. Give me a few days and then I will set up a new schedule. I have 2 others (besides yourself) that want to join in. So well wont have to do a lesson more than once a month.

Cindy Swanemyr said...

Hey there. I found your blog from Kara's. (I'm her mom) Just had to take a peek at your cute kids. Love those curls of Bryanna's. Anyway, they look alot like you. Big kids. I bet you have strong arms. Sounds like you are really enjoying them. Keep it up. Time goes by too quickly.

Baker Bunch said...

What a funny girl! She makes me laugh out loud when I am reading!

Maddox is so cute too! I love that he counts with you!

Julianne said...

Oh we LOVE the Barbie movies too! Good music, great messages.
Isn't it so great having 2 children close in age? They do the funniest things with and to eachother...it reminds me of my siblings and I growing up:)

Hope you are all well!

Shannon said...

She is so cute! I miss her in the Nursery. I hope you guys are doing well & enjoying your new home. You guys need to come over one day soon for a play date! :)