Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Bunny came this morning, and it was so fun to watch Bryanna have a blast with it. I am really loving her at this stage even more because now the holidays actually mean something to her. My mom was such a cute "mimi" (as the grandkids call her) and gave my kids their baskets this year, thanks mom!!

Bryanna loved her new basket and hunting for all the eggs.

Maddox loved it too, and just needed a little help from mommy to get to the eggs!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.


The Mullins said...

I love her basket, so girly! I had fun with you too. We should have a rockin' nursery! At least for April. Thanks for being so sweet to me with my mothering skills, you don't see me behind closed doors!HAHAHA

Natalie said...

Looks like your kids had so much fun!!! That is great. I love this age too. It makes it all so much fun!!!

Christene said...

Those are adorable baskets. This is the perfect age for kids to really enjoy the holidays. It's fun to help make them special memories! Happy Easter!

Hawley Family said...

Oh so cute!! I love that they call her "mimi." Love it!! Your kids are just so darling!

Allred Family said...

Your Kids are So cute, looks like fun. I love their Baskets!!!!