Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Maddox!!!

Exactly one year ago, I was driving around town checking off my 'to do' list to prepare for the arrival of our new baby. I had to get the brakes fixed on my expedition, grocery shop, and get the dog groomed, among other things. I was still two weeks away from my due date, but that day, the weather was so hot, it was in the 90's and I was ready to deliver! I ran into a family friend at Mr. Brake who told me how she went into labor with her last baby. If it worked for her, it could work for me! So I drove straight to the pharmacy and picked up some caster oil. I downed it with some root beer and walked 3 miles! And what do ya know, by midnight, my contractions were 2 minutes apart and we were headed to the hospital. Everything went smooth as glass which I think was a precursor to how the past year with Maddox has gone.

We love Maddox because...

~According to Mark, "He's chill," meaning he balances out his big sister, the Drama Queen!

~He makes everything better, there is never a bad day when our sweet little boy can melt our hearts.

~We received revelation in the Laie, Hawaii temple, that Maddox would enter our family one year prior to his birth, in which it helps us remember how special he is and that his purpose on earth is great.

~For me, I see him as perfect and flawless, which helps me view and mother his older sister in the same light.

~Bryanna has someone to play with, laugh with and boss around besides Mark and I:)

~Maddox will be able to do all the 'guy stuff' with his dad one day, Mark has his heart set on his future golf buddy!

~He's a 'mamma's boy' in which I LOVE b/c there's nothing better than a that strong tie a boy has with his mommy:)

~Watching him grow into the responsibilities of the priesthood will do wonders for our little family.

~He will have an opportunity to serve full-time as a missionary one day, and what wonderful blessings that will come from such devotion to the Lord and his kingdom?

~I don't like talking about him growing up just yet! For now, he is, along with his sister, the best thing that has happened to Mark and me. I can't imagine life without my kids. They teach me so much, no wonder the Lord established families as an essential part of His plan, for us to all learn and grow from each other.


Heather said...

Wow it seems like just yesterday! Happy Birthday Maddox!!

Chris & Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday cut boy!! I can't believe they are all turning 1 already!! It is going to be one BIG nursery!!!

The Almanza Family said...

Happy BIrthday Maddox!! I LOVED all the adorable pictures.. He is such a CUTIE :)

The Mullins said...

I know I can't believe that our babies are one!!! So, are you ready for another round??? Happy Birthday Maddox

Allred Family said...

He is sooo Cute, I cannot believe he is one already!!!!! I think the last time WE saw you guys you were still pregnant with him. How sad we need to get together again soon :) Happy Birthday Maddox

Christene said...

Happy Birthday to Maddox! It's so special to think back about how he came to be, with your temple experience, your labor and the last year just loving him to bits. He is a precious boy with such a happy smile. We are so blessed to have these dear little ones in our lives. Give him a squeeze from the Houstons!

Dani said...

Happy Birthday Maddox -- I can't believe he's already one!!!