Thursday, March 27, 2008

Play time with Annie.

Annie came over to play today, and is was so fun for Bryanna! Watching little girls be themselves was priceless. They played dress up and walked around in high heels. For at least half of the time, the tea set was put to great use, and both had to make two trips to the potty during their playtime, it was quite funny with how much water they ended up drinking! They were being so darn cute, I just had to get the camera out.

I snapped a few shots of Annie pushing Bryanna around the was too adorable not to.

Here they are taking turns pouring the water out for each other, clinking their little tea cups together and shouting, "cheers", then gulping down the water, it was SO CUTE!

I had my own porcelain tea set as a little girl, so this brought back memories playing with my sisters doing all these 'girly' girl things. Thanks Janeen for having her come over spur of the moment, letting Bryanna get some time with friends before we are out of the neighborhood !


The Almanza Family said...

Pictures like these are what make me want girls!! They soo adorable.

Baker Bunch said...

It really doesn't make me think i want a girl but, what is funny is that, I can picture my boys right in there with them. Colling already has the high heels down pat!!

Janeen said...

those are cute pictures! Thanks for having her over, she had so much fun! We're going to miss not having you guys close. Let me know when Breanna can come over!