Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!!!

K, so I have to write some of the funny sayings that came out of Bryanna's mouth on our trip over the past weekend! Mark and I had endless entertainment with our two year old!

Bryanna hugging her 6 yr. old cousin Jonathon, who is very tall for his age: "I love you, Big Boy!"

When she saw a church building (which was like every couple of blocks in UT), she would shout with joy, "I found a church! For ME! For my DRESS!"
[A little background on this one; Bryannna LOVES to get dressed up for anything, but equates it mostly with going to church, so we died laughing after she said that!]

We stayed at the Little America Hotel, and the water made her skin feel funny, so after Bryanna got out of the shower she said, "Mamma, I'm ALL wet! I have to go tell Daddy I'm ALL slippery!"

She replied after realizing her nose was stuffy and couldn't breathe very well out of it, "My nose is sick!"

We had so much fun for such a long drive, but very short stay. Good thing there were plenty of places to stop driving up there, Bryanna had to go potty every 2-3 hours. It took us 9 hours to get up to Salt Lake and 8 hours on the way home. I was about to pull my hair out a few times. We have another good friend getting married in June up there, if I can forget what a long drive it was, he might be lucky to see us then.


Kara said...

Great Pictures! That's funny- kids say the darndest things! I can't wait to hear more of what will come out of Nathan's mouth! I love the picture of you and I in front of the temple. Can I get a copy of it? Or can you e-mail it to me?

The Petersons said...

I have this book called Happy Baby, Healthy Sleep Habits... but I can't find anything that says how to get your kid to sleep longer during his naps... He'll go down pretty easy if he's tired but then he'll only sleep for a little while and then he's wide awake and wont go back to sleep and there's no crying it out. I waited for an hour and a half once and when I finally went and got him he was as happy as could be... go figure. He sleeps really well through the night, 11-12 hours... it's just trying to get stuff done during the day (ie: shower) when he's only out for 1/2 hour... What do I do? P.S. Cute slide show!!!

Danielle said...

Kids do says the cutes thing. Love the pictures, especially the little bums! Your kids will love that one when they are older.

Baker Bunch said...

I love to hear what comes out of their mouths(most of the time)! We were in church the a couple sundays ago and Collin grabbed my arm, the flabby part and said "oh mom, you got a lot of food in there"!! I still crack up everytime I think about that. I will just have to fix that, I will be at aerobics today!!

The Almanza Family said...

Kids are soo entertaining with the things they say right :) FUNN pictures too!!

Christene said...

Oh I LOVE those pictures. What great colors everywhere and such funny things from Bryanna! I love when they start talking and you just hear the best things. Good job for writing them down. I need to do some of the same. By the time I remember to write them, I forget half of the good stuff!