Monday, January 25, 2010


I ordered this cute crib bedding, called Tiddliwinks Raspberry Garden, from and I can't wait for it to come next week!! As soon as I get my little paws on it, I can get paint matches and start designing Cali's room! I feel like I finally have something to do around the house besides cooking, cleaning and doing laundry! Yay!

The last two months of my pregnancies, I start nesting BIG TIME! I have to have everything clean and perfect so by the time I get home from the hospital, I can focus on the kids and just trying to stay happy with the little sleep I know I'll be getting.

I was able to get this sweet travel system, so I'm really feeling prepared to welcome this baby! While Mark was waiting for me to get to target with the kids, he was browsing and found this travel system on sale for $160, when its normally $199! We got rid of our last infant car seat after Maddox, knowing that its only a 2 year life on most infant car seats.


Amy said...

The bedding is adorable!!! I love buying new baby stuff :)

Shannon said...

Sweet bedding!! We never really did the crib thing, but all the stuff that goes with it is adorable! It almost made me not want to co-sleep. Almost. ;)


Kara said...

Cute and very girly! Is Bryanna jealous and wanting new bedding herself, or are you?

Julianne said...

I don't think I would survive the end of a pregnancy without the nesting and buying cute stuff. It definitely kept me going and looking forward to life with a new cute babe. Is that a Graco travel system? Looks comfy!