Sunday, January 3, 2010


So, Mark is very good about writing down, EVERY YEAR, his new year's resolutions. I am 50-50 with it. But every year I have a mental note of all the things I feel I need to improve on. It usually has to do with making a better effort in living and eating more healthy, exercising more regularly and reading my scriptures more often. Throughout the year I go in spurts with all three of those categories and so in retrospect, I feel that I partly achieved some of these "goals". And then I have to ask myself why can't I stay on task the whole year? Well, life happens on a rollercoaster and so some things have more priority than others depending on the height the rollercoaster. And 2009 was the most wild and crazy rollercoaster I've had in my life. But looking back, I have so much gratitude in my heart towards the mercies of Mark's job and the economy here in Las Vegas. I was really bitter at the beginning of last year when he took a pay cut and I kept questioning all sorts of things involving that, but looking back, I can see that our prayers have been answered, and we have been blessed. I hope I can keep those lessons close to heart and try to apply them in 2010. I had great expectations that things would improve in all areas in our lives in 2010, but with the way 2009 went, the only expectations I can hold for this new year is that Mark will stay employed and we can have health this year. Other than that, we'll do our best and be grateful for all we have. Happy New Year!


Kaerlig said...

I hope you have a great 2010 too Stacy- you have great things to look forward to. Keep on trucking.

Amy said...

Sticking to resolutions is hard. I am making a bigger effort this year to keep mine for longer! Best of luck to you!!!

Angie said...

Mark's improvements amaze me. So baby has a name now? I know your Stacy decorating touch will end up making her room adorable whatever you go with. Exciting!