Saturday, January 16, 2010

7 months

Now that I actually LOOK pregnant, instead of just feeling pregnant, here's a picture for evidence. I normally don't feel up to taking pregnant pictures, but then I usually regret it afterwards, not showing the kids when they "used to be in my tummy" shots.
29 weeks and counting...I feel like I'm on the last leg of this trek and I'm so glad!! I'll try to remember to post a picture at 8 months.


Amber said...

Hi Stacy... it's Amber Corbin Pollei a blast from the past. Remember me?? Logan Utah, Camille's old freshman buddy from Utah State. I happen to find your blog on your facebook account which I found trying to find Camille. I never check my facebook so I thought that I would post a comment on your blog since I blog too. I would love to get in contact with Camille if she would be willing. Here's my blog: Also.. if Camille or you would like to catch up. You look amazing 7 months pregnant by the way. Your family looks beautiful. I am so happy for you guys. Hope to hear from you both.

PrincessAnna said...

What?!! 7 months already? Time flies! Congratulations you look fabulous. Take good care of yourself. I miss being pregnant. :) Love you.

Sheldon and Julie said...

Your such a cute pregnant mom! Good luck with baby #3 and congrats!

Allred Family said...

Wow 7 months already!!!! You look amazing.....Congrats again on #3 :)

Julianne said...

I look fantastic Stacy! She's going to be here before you know it!!
And, I have very few pregnancy photos of me and my girls as's kind of sad, but I look horrid as a pregnant person! :)

Lynette said... look so cute! I can't wait to be pregnant again (I think!!) Can't wait to see pics of Cali!!!