Monday, January 11, 2010

keeping me up at night

Oh My!! I loved reading this book. Its the kind of book that is suspenseful, thrilling, gut-wrenching and most of all entertaining. Holy cow, you have got to read this book.

At first, when I saw the title on Goodreads when my friends would write a review, I thought "Diet Book...not reading that one!" Obviously, I never read the review! Then, I started to see more and more goodreads reviews pop up, and that was convincing enough to see what the plot was all about. And to top it off, I would go in for my OBGYN appointments and I would see other ladies in there with their nose in this book.

OK....if I haven't convinced you yet to read the book...go online, look up this book and read some reviews. It is a strange plot...but its a thrilling suspense that keeps you up at night. Another thing that I liked about this book is that its free of curse words and sex scenes. And there is one more twist to it, romance!!

5 stars to Hunger Games...and I'm almost done with the sequel Catching Fire!! Hunger Games Book Three comes out in August this year, so that will be a long, horrible wait, but well worth it!


Jamila said...

I have been wanting to talk to you!!! Congrats...a GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Listen, I LOVE checking on your blog (which I haven't done in so long but need to EVERY DAY) because it makes me so happy. I just LOVE your style and always have from the very moment of meeting you in the Sapporo Eki. When I check up on your life it gives me courage and inspiration to go ahead with this stay-at-home-mom thing, something that is VERY difficult for me. But you make it look so fun!

Anyway--sorry to bear my soul right here in your comments but I don't have your email address!! LOVES!!!

Shan said...

I LOVED both Hunger Games & Catching Fire. I'm excited for book three this summer as well.

I didn't know you were expecting! Congrats!! About when is the big day?

Shan said...

Okay, so my brain farted & I thought I was posting on Angie Moore's blog... I knew you were expecting, just not her. LOL

Angie said...

Man, I hope Shannon doesn't know something I don't. ;)
Yeah, these are fun reads, but does this mean you thought I needed a diet book? (Actually, I could probably use one.)

Michelle and Andrew said...

I loved this book! I was halfway thru the sequel when I had the baby. I had to return it to the library...I need to check it out again now that my life is getting more calm. Maybe I can borrow your copy, I am halfway thru the book already.

Amy said...

I loved both books as well! I can't wait for the third to come out.

The Fleming Family said...

I had heard this was good and plan to read it. I'll probably wait for the 3rd to come out first though. Then I can fly through them. Thanks for the suggestion! I am on a book reading frenzy lately!