Wednesday, January 27, 2010

big boy bed

Over the weekend we moved Maddox into his very own big boy bed!! He was excited, but I was hesitant because I didn't want to mess up his nap time during the day or the nighttime routine. In fact, we bought his bed frame in October, but I kept putting it off. On the whole, its been a very smooth transition and he still gets his nap in just fine. Although the last couple of nights he has gotten out of bed and crept into our room each time about 9:45...maybe I let him nap too long. He's been under the weather this week with a runny nose and swollen glands (but the dr. didn't think it was serious enough for antibiotics...ugh!) so I'm letting him sleep as long as he can. Oh what to do, what to do! He seems to be growing up too fast and getting so big. I can't believe he's almost three and will be a big brother soon!

Speaking of becoming a big brother, baby Cali moves like a wild woman. She's constantly kicking, squirming, punching...its very uncomfortable. You'd think I'd be a little more used to it being the third go, but not so much. I can remember with the last two pregnancies that the babies didn't move nearly this much. Its making me wonder as to what kind of baby she'll be. Bryanna and Maddox were angel babies, and I use angel with every meaning of the word. I anticipate meeting her and learning more about the little person she already is and hoping she'll be an easy new born baby.

Bryanna has been saying some really funny stuff lately. The other day we were watching some football on T.V. and Mark just happened to not be in the room with us.

B: Mom, are they in high school? (pointing to the football players on T.V.)

M: No, they are old like mommy and daddy.

B: Oh, so that's their work?

M: Ya, they get to play football for work!

B: But not daddy. He works at the office and talks to people.

M: Yup!

I think she empathized for Mark that maybe his job isn't as fun as playing football!


Caitlin said...

Yea! for the first time ever I actually get to leave a comment on your blog. I've tried numerous times before on different posts, and my browser shut down every single time - so I gave up.

cute kids!! and funny that the baby is moving around so much. i had inclinations that guy was stubborn when he was in the womb, and have since be reminded several times already. good thing they are so cute, huh?

Kara said...

I hope she'll be a good baby for you too. I've always heard that the transition from 2 to 3 kids is a little rough, so for that reason I hope she's an "angel" too. Nathan is testing us every night with getting out of bed. He used to stay there just fine and now he's up till 9 or later and he doesn't take a nap at all!!! It's driving me crazy, and to top that off, Jackson's in there with him and they keep waking each other up!! Not fun for any of us, believe me!