Monday, April 27, 2009


Hair, that is. I made the mistake of using my chi flat iron on her last week, and now that's the only way she wants it...good one, Stacy! Bryanna has a stubborn side (just like her mamma), so of course you can imagine what its like, me, doing her hair, and her...knowing exactly how she wants it. I can usually con her into doing it my way, but some days I'm just not willing to battle it out with her. So, looks like we may be having some straight days ahead of us!

And what would I do with out Maddox and his sweet little personality? He is the funniest little boy, who is constantly repeating Bryanna. He's turning into quite the quick study!


Tara said...

hOW fUNNY!! Its hilarious how kids how their opinions were their so little. My kids tell me which gel they want that day ?!?! What!!

The Petersons said...

Wow! Her hair is so beautiful and I can't believe she'll sit there and let you do it! What a girly girl! That is sooo fun!!!

Jamila said...

Those cookies look freaking awesome! Why does your life look so FUN! :-) I guess it just must be. That is awesome. So I am reading The Host now...I think you were reading it? Liking it.