Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunt

This morning we went over to our neighborhood park in Mountain's Edge and partook in a wild and crazy-busy Easter event! It was plenty of fun, with plenty of people!

Peter Cottontail doing his 'thing'

Maddox boy...handsome little devil!

Bryanna, striking a pose! Don't you just love the smile she's giving?

Maddox passed the time by taking pictures with my digital camera, thank goodness for the digital age, I only deleted about 2o images! It would be a different story if there was real film in the camera.

This one was worth keeping.

Our ward choir has been preparing for the Easter Cantata to sing in Sacrament meeting for a few months now. I'm very excited that its finally here. We have some extremely talented people in our ward who can sing just about anything, and some very talented pianists. How in the world they wanted me to be the choir director is still a confusing mystery, for a few good reason. #1: I'm not a soloist, and I don't do duets. I can carry a tune, sing the alto part of hymns, but that's about all I'm vocally apt of. #2: I'm not a very good pianist. At all. I can plunk out a hymn or a primary song. But learning the dynamics and accentuating certain parts in a choir number I knew nothing about. Til this calling! The joys of learning a new skill. I have grown to love being apart of our ward choir. I especially love learning new songs and messages about our Savior and the wonderful meaning of Easter. There is a close camaraderie between the choir members. We (or I guess I should say, "I") have a great time singing, mixed with socializing during practice.

Happy Easter!!


Kaerlig said...

Stacy, it is really neat that even though you didn't know anything about being a chorister, you have learned and you dig in and do it. Very admirable. I think I'd be a deer staring into headlights if I ever had that calling.

The Petersons said...

I love Easter music too! My sister and I are singing a duet in Sacrament meeting- the music director wanted the primary to sing and I was like, "How 'bout I just sing." It's more stressful getting the kids up there for some strange reason! Plus the kids sing for mom's day and dad's day and Christmas and the program... I can't teach them every song in the book! :-) Wish we had a choir director like you!!!!! (we are still lacking a choir...) :-(

Erin said...

I love Thomas S. Monson's quote--Pray not for your tasks to be equal to your abilities, but for your abilities to be equal to your tasks...Or something like that. New things help us grow and change and learn.

Amy said...

You are a fabulous choice for chorister! Sometimes when they get someone in there that knows to much no one enjoys it - loving it is the only requirement! Cute pictures :)