Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday Aprons

The last two days, my mom and I have been working like busy bees making the most adorable aprons ever!! Thanks Lindsay for helping, we couldn't have done it without looking at your mom's creation first...thanks!!

My mom is leaving for Chicago today, so we had to get it done last night. Tuesday we traced out a pattern and cut all the fabric. Yesterday, we worked passed midnight, (and I'm dragging today). But I'm so glad it is all finished. What mothers do for their children...let me tell ya, its a fierce love! Thanks mom, you are the best!

My hard working, creative, smart, wonderful mother, sewing like a china factory!

This is the Birthday Girl's Apron. I added mini pom-poms to it, just giving it an extra special touch, for an extra special girl!
Bryanna's party is on Saturday. She's having 9 little girls over and they need aprons for a baking party! They get to make their own pizza for lunch and then they will decorate their very own cake!

One of ten Aprons we put together!!

If you can believe it, I snatched this fabric up at Walmart, of all places!! I used EVERYstitch of fabric, binding and rick rack. Talk about cutting the pattern wisely!

I'm so excited for her party! The girls will all look so adorable in them!


Amy said...

I am so jealous that I don't have a girl. Boys just wouldn't think that baking with pink aprons would be a fun birthday party! Those turned out adorable - the girls will LOVE them :)

Kaerlig said...

So cute. Sounds like an awesome party coming up. That is a great party favor. Hmmm...Ellie is turning 5 in June. Maybe I'll have to get help from my own mama.

Tara said...

That is such and Awesome idea!! They will look soo dang cute and their going to LOVE them. Great Job!! YOur right about the thing moms will od for their daughters.. one for your mom helping you and then for you going the extra mile to make Bryanns party extra special =)

Celeste said...

This is why I need a girl! So cute...what a fun party!

Chrissy said...

You are amazing!! Next time I want to come so I can get a cute little apron!!:)

Sharlet said...

I love all your baking party ideas. I think we might just copy it this year!