Saturday, April 18, 2009

party central

Birthday Girl...ready to party!

pressing out the pizza dough!

Saucing the pizza!

While the pizzas were baking, the girls got to frost their very own cake!

And tasting it too!!

They all loved the frosting, and not just spreading it around the cake...eating it too! By the time the pizzas came out, no one was hungry!

Pinata Time!
The girls in their matching aprons!

I asked Bryanna what her favorite part of the day was, and she said, "Blowing out the candles!" So, here's for you Bryanna!

Present time! One of the best parts of a little girl's party! Thanks for all those cute presents! Bryanna loves them. I have been opening toys the entire afternoon!

I think it turned out well, for all the work it was! It really was a special day and all the girls had a blast!!



Amy said...

How adorable are all of the girls in their matching aprons baking like pros? Too cute - great party!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Bryanna!!!! Juliana says Happy Birthday too. It looks like it was a great party. And I can't believe that the girls are already 4!!!!

Kaerlig said...

Great memories Stacy. She'll have those to keep.

Chrissy said...

Happy Birthdayv Bryanna!! What a fun party!! You are such a good mom!!

Allred Family said...

How fun i love birthday parties, I love the mermaid cake....Adorable :) What a fun idea to make pizza's and decorate cakes!!!! I love their aprons....way too cute!!! Happy Birthday Bryanna

Laurie said...

wow, you sure know how to throw a party! you should have a party hostess/catering business!
super cute!!!!

Shane and Amy said...

What a fun birthday party. I love all the cute aprons!